January 31, 2009, 3:29 PM
Filed under: Coaching, running

Running has always interested me, but I’ve never considered actually doing it.  With that said, a co-worker, who also happens to be a long time passionate runner, became my running coach 4 months ago. He lives in Florida and I live in Virginia.  We’ve met a total of three times.

Motivated, perhaps, by the declining years of my youth, which is noted by a calendar hanging on a nearby wall – marked with my rapidly approaching 40th birthday.  Compelled, certainly, by work related phone calls with my future coach, always managing to extol the benefits of running during our regular business conversations.  His passion for running inspired me to ask him to be my running coach. I’m glad I asked and I’m glad he accepted.

Since that day he has been a continuous source of encouragement, igniting my efforts when mental and physical energy elude me.  He explains the nagging injuries and offers advice on recovery and future prevention. Losing focus on current goals and becoming fixated on speed is a common pitfall for me.  He’s there to remind this newbie that it’s about building a foundation before seeking advancement.

In his subtle way he’s let me know being a great runner is not in my future. He’s focussed my effort on the glory of the achievement found in working toward personal excellence.


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